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Here's a complete list of the FilterMunky Super Toots from the PSP Power newsletter, published montly by Muska and Lipman Publishing.  Jasc Software has generously awarded each winner with their choice of software from Jasc.

May 2002 -

Lyn Wilkinson of Backgrounds for Stitchers produced a five-tutorial seriesfor Heirloom Sewing projects. The tutorials demonstrate how to make lace from dingbats, beading and ribbon, as well as a completed heirloom heart.  They make use of PSP 7 and Greg's Pool Shadow. She makes extensive use of the keyboard shortcuts throughout her tutorials, as well as the Grid and Guide Properties.  Particularly good is the section in the Insertion Lace tutorial that teaches how to make the lace pattern seamless. The tutorials would be appropriate for the intermediate to advanced level PSP user.

April 2002 - two winners

    The first tutorial is from Jane van der Staiij, at Jazzl's for a cute little spring chick with all kinds of neat accessories, .  This tutorial is perfect for the kids to do - okay, even the really big kids like us!

    The other tutorial is from Noelle at Papillon Designs, for Silk Flowers using Flaming Pear's Aetherize filter with PSP, .  This is an intermediate to advanced level tutorial, very versatile, very pretty!

March 2002

February 2002 -

    FilterMunky awarded the Super Toot designation to this tutorial at Deb Dehavenís Design Heaven site: The tutorial uses a number of PSP 7ís tools as well as the Sinedots II filter.. Itís well designed, and very well written. Hope you enjoy!

January 2002 -

Angie of Angie's Art has a tutorial for a Christmas ornament featuring PSP 7, and  KPT 5's Shapeshifter plugin.  This tutorial includes a zip file of her own presets, and a Picture Tube download of ornament toppers. Angie teaches a lot of PSP shortcut keys in this tutorial.  Uses layers, tubes, preset shapes, retouch and selection tools. Intermediate skill level.

Bluegenie2's Fun with Filters tutorial, featuring Paint Shop Pro 7, Flaming Pear's Flood, Lunar Cell and Glitterato filters and KPT 6's Sky Effects filter.   Excellent, clearly written tutorial, intermediate skill level.  Uses layers in PSP 7.


Know a tutorial you'd like to recommend as a Super Toot?  Here's a list of features FilterMunky looks for in a Super Toot.  Email me at !





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