What's a Super Toot?  I've gotten many recommendations for potential Super Toots, and think this is a good spot to post precisely what FilterMunky looks for in a tutorial he gives the Super Toot award.

    FilterMunky tries to keep the toot recommendations down to PSP tutorials, for the purposes of the PSP power newsletter.  Some other "standards" that FM looks for - 
  • Must teach a skill or tool in Paint Shop Pro which will be useful in other types of graphic construction.  Does not have to be an "advanced" level tutorial, but it should advance the learning of the user. 
  • Must be laid out in a thoughtful, well-designed manner, which allows the user to read or print the tutorial.  It doesn't (and probably shouldn't!) require fancy nested table backgrounds, animation unless the tutorial is for an animation, or viewlets. Fonts and backgrounds should be planned to make the material easily legible.
  • The use of a script that disables the right-click context menu on behalf of the user will automatically disqualify a tutorial.
  • The "watermarking" of screen captures of the Jasc PSP tool palettes and workspace is discouraged.  Those images belong to Jasc, and not the tutorial writer, and watermarking them often leads to poor visibility for the viewer.  It's okay to watermark the final images that are produced, if the writer so desires.
  • The user must be directed to the developer's site for any plugins or applications needed.  Downloads from any other source is not permissible.
  • A simple copyright statement on the tutorial is sufficient.  Dire warnings threatening death and dismemberment to thieves scare FilterMunky.

        Sounds like a lot of rules, huh?  Well,... yeah.  That's what makes 'em Super Toots.

 Know a tutorial you'd like to recommend as a Super Toot?  Email me at filtermunky@dizteq.com !







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