FilterMunky's Tutorials


Here you'll find a few tutorials that I've written.  These are free for your own personal use, and if you'd like to share them with a friend, please forward the URL.  You may remove these tutorials only to print them out for your own use.

I have also included several tutorials, with permission from Joe Cilinceon, from the former New Dawn Micro site.

New for October 2002!  Paint Effects Without Plugins (Paint Shop Pro 7.04)

You never thought you'd see the day, ;-)))!

New!  Tutorial Writer's Tool Kit!

Information and resources to help the budding tutorial writer!

New - May 2002

FilterMunky's latest tutorials - for Frischluft's flAIR plugin suite

Glow, Highlight and Radial Blur tutorials






Super Toots are FilterMunky's recommended tutorials.  These are tutorials written by various designers and artists that meet FM's standards for quality, legibility and instructional value.

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